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This page allows us to describe and give prices for the services we provide.

I believe in doing the best job possible and do it at reasonable rates with the equipment available. People can’t afford hundreds or thousands of dollars for a SMALL EDIT JOB or A SMALL VIDEO SHOOT. I am still constructing this page, so pleas pardon the mess.

I look forward to serving your video needs. I am offering a couple basic scenarios for you to choose from.

Video Shoot:

1 camera, tripod, and micking, a finished DVD or VHS or S-VHS tape, 2 hour minimum, plus expenses is $100 per hour. If the program is smaller, it’s the same price but may not be any Video Editing fee, depending on what is desired for the final product will determine Video Editing expenses. Shoot expenses include but are not limited to; and will be listed on your invoice: Transportation, Mileage, Lodging, where applicable; Tape &/or Disks, Fresh set of batteries for such equipment, Refreshments &/or Meals. Etc. If you can cover our “expenses” you will save money. I.E. Provide us Transportation, lodging, refreshments or meals in particular. J

Video Editing:

I can take your VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, HI-8, Digital HI-8 source material I will put the material on to the computer using Ulead Studio Software and perform. Editing functions like transitions between scenes, Music & Voice Overs, Titling, Other video or Still Image Overlay, and Narrations or other Audio. Keep in mind it takes time real time to put the video material in to the computer. If I recorded a 7-minute speech for you, I can edit that up in about an hour, so that would be included in the cost as apposed to Video Editing Fees. I can "print" to DVD or VHS or S-VHS. If you have hi-speed Internet I can send you the file over the Internet

Post Production Services are in addition to the recording fees. In some cases.

To a certain degree Editing has to be done to make anything more presentable, therefore some projects won't have Post Production Services fees. I.E. The Colorado Talking book Library video now showing on YOUTUBE.COM definitely had Post Production Services. That would have been $1,000.00 range project.

Video Recording Editing:

If you shoot it, I can edit it for you. I can provide an EDIT list sheet for you to go through and indicate the time on a tape as to the beginning of the seen(s) and the end of the scene(s) that you want. A place to describe your opening you might want, and a closing for the project, and all names spelled for titling etc. Editing Home Videos can make them more palatable for others to view. You don’t want, or may be you do want, Aunt BB to suddenly bend over the wrong way while shooting video footage. One customer cracked up laughing at a shot of his wife during editing, but it was indeed cut from the final project to ensure the absence of embarrassment, no matter how funny they may be to you, it might not be so funny do some one else, therefore, Editing of such home videos preserve their essence on DVD or a computer file, and put a nice spin on an otherwise messy video.

If you have existing video recordings you would like to edit down to a more presentable program I can do that. I can print that out to DVD or VHS or a file to be sent over the Internet to you. You must have HI-SPEED Internet access for that.


One Camera Shoot:

One Lock Down Camera and One Camera Shoot:
Two Maned Camera Shoot per hour:
Duplication: Verries by type and quantity:
Post Production base hourly rate:
On some video jobs Post production is part of it if it is a small job:

Please e-mail Lee at DRLEEBERT@MSN.COM
Remember I work primarily in Denver Colorado.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

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